Examination topics in the discipline Biomedical engeneering

  • Basic concepts and definitions: biomaterial, biocompatibility, bioactivity, medical device, implant, transplant, artificial organ, hybrid organ.
  • The relationship between the structure, properties and manufacturing methods of different types of  biomaterials: metallic, polymeric, ceramic and composite.
  • Classification of biomaterials by: material type (metals and alloys, ceramics, polymers, carbons, composites, hybrids) and behavior in the biological environment (biostable, degradable, resorbable).
  • Application of metals, polymers, carbons, composites, calcium phosphate bioceramics, bioactive glasses in medicine, e.g. in surgery, orthopedics, cardiac surgery, dentistry.
  • Surface engineering and surface modification techniques.
  • Methods of analysis: structure, microstructure and properties of biomaterials.
  • Biological response to the implant.
  • Biomaterials testing in vitro and in vivo.
  • Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.