Examination topics in the discipline Environmental engineering, mining and energy

  1. Cogeneration and polygeneration.
  2. Heat recovery systems used in the industry and energetics.
  3. Energy accumulation, energy conversion and energy storage.
  4. Power engineering transformation.
  5. Steam and water boilers, rules of boiler regulation.
  6. Steam and gas turbines.
  7. Combustion, flame speed, combustion stabilization and flash point.
  8. Energy and ecological aspects of fuel combustion.
  9. Low-temperature heating systems.
  10. Heat recovery in air conditioning.
  11. Compressor and absorption chillers.
  12. Working agents, refrigerants and coolants.
  13. Moist air, properties, i-x graph.
  14. Thermoelectricity.
  15. The greenhouse effect and the ozone hole.
  16. Continuity equation, examples of the Bernoulli equation applications.
  17. Natural and forced convection - differences and similarities.
  18. Heat radiation - examples of applications.
  19. Energy efficiency, energy audit and energy certification.
  20. Thermal comfort and parameters of evaluation.
  21. Adsorption processes in the environment and industry.