Examination topics in the discipline Chemical sciences

  1. Molecular structures and types of chemical bonds:

    1. the structure of electron atom and its position in the periodic table of elements,

    2. the position of the element in the periodic table and its properties,

    3. types of chemical bonds, electronegativity

    4. molecular orbitals systems of multi-atom systems


  2. Properties of gases, thermodynamics:

    1. ideal gas and real gas

    2. intermolecular forces

    3. principles of thermodynamics

    4. thermodynamic functions

    5. constant chemical balance (Le Chatelier-Brown)


  3. Properties of solutions and electrolytes:

    1. theories of acids and bases (according to. Brönsteda and Lewis)

    2. dissociation and conductivity of electrolytes, degree of dissociation and constant of dissociation, reactions in electrolytes,

    3. electrolysis and electrochemical cells

    4. electrochemical series of metal


  4. Solid state physicochemistry:

    1. states of matter, structure of crystalline

    2. elements of band theory

    3. theory and phase transformation diagrams (examples)

    4. defects in the crystalline structure


  5. Methods of investigations of solids (general characteristics):

    1. investigation methods of crystalline and amorphous bodies

    2. methods of investigation of thermal properties of solids

    3. vibrational spectroscopy

    4. methods of investigation of solid surfaces

    5. methods of investigation of solids microstructure