Insurance contributions

Due to the fact that doctoral scholarships at doctoral schools are subject to the social insurance system, the following contributions are paid monthly:


  • By the University:

    • Pension contribution (9.76%)
    • Disability pension contribution (6.5%)
    • Accident insurance contribution (0.93%)
    • Labor Fund (2.45%)
    • Health insurance contribution (9%)


The basis for calculating the health contribution currently is PLN 620.00, the contribution is only paid if the doctoral student is not entitled to health insurance on other grounds (i.e. employment, insurance by a family member, etc.)


Please note, that the University cannot pay the health insurance contribution for foreigners. It is strongly advised for foreign PhD Students to join the Polish healthcare system on voluntary basis. More information on health insurance for foreigners can be found here.


  • Contributions paid by the insured PhD Student (deduced from scholarship):

    • Pension contribution (9.76%)
    • Disability pension contribution (1.5%)

  • In addition, a doctoral student may be covered by voluntary sickness insurance:

    • Sickness contribution (2.45%). The sickness contribution is necessary to obtain maternity benefit.