Organizational meeting for first year doctoral students

We would like to invite you to the informational and organizational meeting which will be held...


Increased scholarships for the best doctoral students from the IDUB AGH Project

Dear Sir or Madam, We would like to inform that on September 29th, another competition is launched under the IDUB AGH Project, Measure 5 "Funding of increased scholarships for the best doctoral students of doctoral...


Place of application for increased doctoral scholarship

Place of application for increased doctoral scholarship


Invitation to the meeting with URSD AGH - PHD SCHOLARSHIPS

Please join us for a meeting with URSD AGH regarding the "Regulations for payment of doctoral scholarship for doctoral school...


Increase of the doctoral scholarship

It is possible to receive an increased doctoral scholarship.The basis for submitting an application for an increased doctoral scholarship are scientific achievements documented by scientific publications which have received...


Changes in the organization of the SD AGH office

Dear Doctoral Students, please be advised that as of 27/09/2021, the admission hours at the AGH Doctoral School are extended from 9am to 1pm.


Announcement about the amount of doctoral scholarships in the academic year 2021/2022

In accordance with par. 5 sec. 1 of the Regulations for payment of the doctoral scholarship for doctoral students of doctoral schools introduced by Order no. 51/2021 of the Rector of Stanisław Staszic AGH University of Science...

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