Accomodation for people starting their education at the AGH Doctoral School 2022/2023

Dear Doctoral Students,

AGH UST Student Campus would like to inform people starting their education at the AGH Doctoral School, interested in living in student dormitories in the academic year 2021/2022, about the starting application procedure.  Applications in electronic form should be submitted in the system akademik.agh.edu.pl by October 02, 2022.

Applicants for a place allocation, having an account in the central allocation system (https://akademik.agh.edu.pl/) after logging in, submit only an electronic application dedicated to doctoral students and AGH employees, without the need to print and submit the application in person.
AGH-UST doctoral students and employees who do not have an account in the system before submitting an electronic application, must register in the system.

When completing the electronic application, please indicate the name of the Faculty or Unit where the Applicant starts work or studies. It is also necessary to indicate the number of places requested, as well as the optional selection of the preferred student dormitory.

Place assignments will be implemented in the following facilities:
- Dormitory No. 18 Odyseja (ul. Tokarskiego 4),
- Dormitory No. 19 Apollo (ul. Tokarskiego 2).

The decisions on the allocation of places in the dormitory will be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address provided in the system, no later than October 10, 2022. Accommodation in the indicated dormitory should take place by October 14, 2022, under penalty of losing the place.