Recruitment for the AGH PhD School within the cooperation with IDEAS NCBiR 2023/2024

The offer is addressed to students or a graduate / graduate of mathematics, computer science, technical informatics, information technology or related disciplines, who wish to continue their scientific career by applying for a PhD position at IDEAS NCBiR, with parallel education at the AGH Doctoral School. The doctoral thesis will be carried out in the field of artificial intelligence.  IDEAS NCBiR focuses on scientific development of its employees and practical application of research results.


Detailed information on how to apply to our program and current topics of doctoral dissertations can be found on our website: Doctoral Schools - IDEAS NCBR


The qualification stage for the AGH Doctoral School includes:

1. The Candidate registers in the recruitment system.

2. The Candidate submits:

  • Documents mentioned in §3 points 3-5 of the recruitment rules and pays a recruitment fee mentioned in §7 of the Recruitment rules
  • A certificate of conditional employment contract with IDEAS NCBR for the duration of the dissertation.

3. The Candidate shall proceed to the recruitment procedure to the Doctoral School in accordance with the applicable Recruitment Rules.

4. The Candidate's admission to the Doctoral School is at the same time the fulfillment of the suspensive condition of the employment agreement concluded with IDEAS NCBR for the time of completion of the Doctoral Dissertation.